21Ago 2018

One of the peculiarities of this small town of Campobello is the tradition of keeping horses. A typical day is not complete without the sounds of carretti siciliani. The craft of making carts passes from generation to generation and it’s an honor for campobellezzians to inherit the family carriages. Every year, a manifestation of horses […]

16Mag 2018

Reading in books about historical facts and eras can be boring, if history is not your favorite subject. But when I saw greek temples, roman remains, norman and arabic architecture, I could picture the history of Sicily and feel part of it. The nature is also astonishing offering beautiful beaches, hills, mountains and trees of […]

19Mar 2018

Together with Kate from Moldova and Maro from Armenia we started to live our life in Campobello di Licata. We had fun together, shared our feelings, stories and concerns. We were interested in each other’s culture and we found out that even that we are so different, we share this experience together and this made […]

27Gen 2018

It all began with an announcement about volunteering in Sicily in an intercultural project. “Accidentally” they were searching for a volunteer with experience in tourism, knowledge of foreign languages and international mobility. My aspiration to explore the world and interest in the Italian culture made the decision for me and in a couple of months I […]

15Gen 2018

On the 15th of January I arrived in Palermo. I fell immediately in love with this Island from the first moment I took a look out of the window and could see Palermo from above; the bright blue sky, the mountains and the colorful and rough landscape. I’m ready to start my new life in […]