As part of our series of international laboratories, we invited our guest Dr. Shuli Yu to collaborate with our resident psychologist dott.ssa Emanuela Marchese. Together, they conducted a full day workshop on Friday, 27th April 2018, where they taught youths how to learn and memorize information.

Dr. Shuli Yu is a cognitive psychologist specializing in human decision making and the behavioral sciences. She grew up in Singapore, where she completed her undergraduate degrees in the social sciences and information systems at Singapore Management University, and then went on to Michigan State University to obtain a PhD in Psychology (Cognition and Cognitive Neuroscience). She has worked a a researcher and psychology consultant for numerous organizations, including the Singapore government and the Max Planck Institute of Human Behavior in Berlin, Germany.

About 20 participants attended the workshop from different backgrounds: university students in Sicily, international EVS volunteers, and even local educators and psychologists interested in learning new methods of interactive teaching.

In the workshop, we learned about techniques to help us quickly acquire, process and assimilate information. Through several interactive activities, lectures and short discussions about Sicilian recipes and culture, we learned how easy it could be to practice several techniques useful for memory, learning and education in a fun and engaging manner.

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