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Join us at KALAT!

The KALAT project gives an opportunity to youths between 18 and 35 years old to spend a period of time (1-3 weeks) studying/working on a project based on useful social activities, in order to support the international development in the south central part of Sicily. For example, we have had a cognitive psychologist conduct a workshop about memory and learning, and we have also organized several international nights where volunteers share their food and culture with local Sicilians.

You can apply as a single person or as a group (4 people maximum) by sending your project ideas in the application form below. Candidates will be selected based on their proposals. We provide food and board, insurance for the whole duration of the activity, as well as equipments and tools so you can realize your project. All you have to do is travel here and obtain any necessary visas at your own cost. The activities can take place between August to October 2018.

Right now, we are looking for these specific profiles:

  • Project Makers and Activity Leaders:
    Currently, we are organizing several events to help internationalize the local youth, as well as to showcase the local culture and region to people from other countries. You will work with our team of staff to organize and implement some these projects, especially on ERASMUS + events or other European events. You can also propose new projects to support the goals of our center, which involves the executive planning of: mobility initiatives for young people; low budget events; interventions of redevelopment with low cost and high impact.
  • Cooks and Bartenders: 
    We would like to organize different kind of activities: dinner nights or thematic dinners, workshops, short courses, show cooking with traditional sicilian ingredients in a sort of “fusion experience” with our guests’ food traditions.
  • Artists, photographers, musicians and other performing artists: 
    Painters, sculptors, architects, engineers, visual artists, designers, etc. to realize at least 1 art work for interiors or exteriors. Photographers (landscapes or events specialization) to realize 50 pictures or a 5 minutes video. Different kind of musicians, playing in different styles (both solo and groups of musicians) are invited to present the music of their countries and/or contemporary music, to exchange and share their experience in creating music/organizing musical events and to take part in collaboration with local musicians. The results of all these projects will be presented during specially organized events (artistic exhibitions, concerts, musical evenings) for the wider public.
  • IT specialists:
    We need help with our database and with website development. We would like to improve our technology system so this kind of help is really appreciated!
  • Archaeologists:
    Throughout the Kalat project, during a survey lasting over 15 years, over 184 archaeological sites have been mapped in Sicily, in an intensive and systematic way, over the 80Kmq of the Campobello di Licata territory. On sites ranging from the Neolithic to the Middle Ages, dating exhibits were collected, which now are stored in a deposit managed
    by the Archeoclub. We are searching for help in drawings and photos of the objects found, analyzes such as quantification of the finds and the characteristics of the sites; typological studies and comparisons.
  • Other profiles:
    We are also open to organizing other types of projects, so if you don’t fit exactly into one of these descriptions, you can still email us about volunteering. In this case, please tell send us an introductory email about yourself, why you are interested, and what you would like to do before applying.

Interested? Fill out the application form and send it to Francesca at with the email subject “International workshops application”. 


Activities proposed or co-ordinated with Universities, Research Centers, Organizations of emigrants abroad and/or co-financed by non-profit institutions and bodies, partner organizations are welcome and will be evaluated with particular favor. If the proposed candidature will not be considered adequate, Kalat reserves the right to make a coun- terproposal that could result in either a reduction in the laboratory’s duration or a re- quest for a share in cash as a partial or full contribution to the management costs of the proposed international laboratory.

At the end of the project, all the candidates have to prepare and to show a presentation about their work. In addition, we will ask them to write a short description of their work for a Kalat publication. We will spread the projects on local and international channels through social media, interviews, radio, television.

The KALAT PROJECT is co-funded through the “Youth for the Social! Plan of the Department of Youth and of the National Civil Service of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and promoted by the Campobello di Licata Archeoclub, ASTRA Cooperative Society (Partner), Municipality of Campobello di Licata (External Associate) with the aim of launching strategic and sustainable initiatives for internationalization for young people in the field of cultural, rural and food and wine tourism, recognized as the main development perspective in Sicily.


More information

  1. What is KALAT?

    The KALAT project is a non-profit cultural and educational organization. We aim to launch strategic and sustainable initiatives in the cultural, rural and food and wine tourism sector of Sicily in order to promote traditional resources and the local cultural identity. A key component of our plan is youth education by providing training and mentorship in soft-skills and entrepreneurship. We support local businesses and hope to give locals a more global perspective by organizing events and partnerships that foster international exchange. You can read more about KALAT and the KISS Center here.

  2. What and where is the KISS Center?

    The KISS center was previously a derelict school building in Campobello which has been recently restored to host cultural and educational activities. You can read more about KALAT and the KISS Center here.

  3. Why is there so much archeological stuff on the website?

    KALAT is part of the Archeoclub D’Italia, an archeological society. Previously, KALAT heavily focused on archeological research, excavation and education, and we organized over 20 work and training camps to promote the Sicilian territory since 1994. However, we have recently shifted our focus to education and cultural tourism and have taken on more projects to develop the capacity of local youth, as we feel there is a huge need to inspire and improve the livelihood of the current generation of Sicilians.

  4. How can I get there?

    We can pick you up at Canicatti, the closest city with good public transport connections to the rest of Sicily. We are located in the small town of Campobello di Licata, in the Province of Agrigento, in Sicily, Italy:

    Progetto Kalat – Via Tevere 10
    Campobello di Licata 92023

    Most flights to Sicily arrive in Catania or Palermo airport where you can easily take a bus to Canicatti, the closest big city with public buses going to the rest of Sicily. You can find more information about the bus routes here and we can pick you up from Canicatti.

  5. What is there to do in Campobello di Licata?

    Campobello is a typical Sicilian town, so if you are interested in the Sicilian atmosphere, this is the right place for you! Interesting places to visit in Campobello are: the Valle della Divina Commedia, the Piazza XX Settembre with the Town Hall & the Main Church, the Parco Antico di Iachinu Filì, the Piazza Aldo Moro, the Piazza Tian An Men, etc. More info here.