It all began with an announcement about volunteering in Sicily in an intercultural project. “Accidentally” they were searching for a volunteer with experience in tourism, knowledge of foreign languages and international mobility.
My aspiration to explore the world and interest in the Italian culture made the decision for me and in a couple of months I was already in the planes (yes, planes) heading to this mysterious island.
Tired and excited, I was picked up to my new home where I met the other volunteers…

A posto!

Along with Kate from Moldova and Iris from the Netherlands, we started our experience in a small Sicilian town that wakes up with the smell of the Italian coffee, with the sound of a typical vegetable and fruit truck and, of course, with the Italians buzzing at cafés.
Gestures, knowledge of other languages, people’s willingness to help were the first steps in the immersion in the language. You repeat to yourself that you learn by making mistakes,
and you actually make them a lot. You feel proud ordering a cup of cappuccino in Italian, waving buongiorno to people OR waiting for the plumber the whole day because he said a posto which means everything is OK, but you understood a presto – see you soon.

About Maro Mkhitaryan

Ciao! My name is Maro. I’m a 23-year-old volunteer coming from Armenia. After studying Economics and Marketing in a French University in Armenia, I went to France to practice my skills. There I got interested in tourism and since then I have been working in the tourism sector. My interest in Italian culture brought me to Sicily. I have the chance to work, travel, explore and live in an Italian environment. Moreover, I’m learning the language, the history and traditions of this beautiful island and spending memorable moments with locals. In my blog I’ll share my impressions of Sicily so you can experience it through my eyes.