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Ciao a tutti! My name is Iris, a 23 years old girl from The Netherlands. I'm a Social Worker and Sociologist in Spé. I worked with different groups of the society, like people with mental disorders, homeless and/or disabled people. What drives me in this field is to understand people and find ways to make their lifes easier and more enjoyable. I've always been curious about other cultures and how someones' culture and background can influence them. The daily life and culture is totally different than in Holland. From the first moment I arrived in Sicily I fell in love with this mysterious Island and since then I enjoyed every day of my 8 months in Sicily to the fullest. In my blog at this website I'll share my experiences and love of Sicily. I hope I can inspire and encourage others to discover this beautiful Island, its rich culture and to meet the generous and warm people!

Together with Kate from Moldova and Maro from Armenia we started to live our life in Campobello di Licata. We had fun together, shared our feelings, stories and concerns. We were interested in each other’s culture and we found out that even that we are so different, we share this experience together and this made […]

On the 15th of January I arrived in Palermo. I fell immediately in love with this Island from the first moment I took a look out of the window and could see Palermo from above; the bright blue sky, the mountains and the colorful and rough landscape. I’m ready to start my new life in […]