Would you like to discover the heart of Sicily and visit places off the beaten track? 

Join us on a 3-day 2-night cultural and culinary experience and sample life in a typical Sicilian small town!

We will bring you to several places adored by locals: from the white limestone rocks of Punta Bianca, to the medieval old town of Naro, to walls full of quirky street art in the Farm Cultural Park in Favara. You will also have the chance to tour speciality farms and stores offering authentic regional produce, as well as taste regional wines and cheeses, a variety of street food, and even learn to how to cook a few Sicilian dishes directly from two local ladies. Finally, learn more about the rich history and culture of south Sicily from the archaeologists in our center, and mix and mingle with the locals over drinks and some fun activities.


We offer a 3-day 2-night package for only €60, starting in Agrigento and ending in Canicatti or Agrigento. You also have the option of extending your stay with us for one more night for only €15. If so, we can drop you off at Canicatti the next morning where you will find train and bus connections to the rest of Sicily.

This €60 rate (50% off, original price €120) is for the special session for volunteers, students, people on work exchange, and anti-mafia organizations - contact us on Facebook or at happening.kalat@gmail.com for the discount code and for more information.



  1. DAY 1

    Meet us in Canicatti at 12:00. We will head directly to the medieval town of Naro for the afternoon. After a short guided walk, you will have free time to explore the old town of Naro and view the castle or maybe even the catacombs on your own. We will then travel on to the KISS Center (KALAT) in Campobello di Licata, where you will have some time to rest over a welcome glass of wine. The evening starts with a short crash course about the region, and you will learn more about Sicilian culture and also pick up some basic Italian greetings and gestures. After a pizza dinner, join us on a guided walk around town or relax at the KISS Center and enjoy game or two from our collection of over 100 board games.


    Meals provided: Small afternoon snack & Dinner

  2. DAY 2

    After an Italian breakfast of a sweet pastry and coffee, start the day by visiting two to three local farms and/or vineyards where you will discover what goes into producing the culinary specialties for our region. We will likely tour a pistachio farm or an animal farm with capra/goat for ricotta cheese, and maybe a vineyard*. Return to the KISS Center for a local lunch and a short siesta. Mid-afternoon, embark on a journey to the past with where you will learn how to identify and date historical Sicilian artifacts (clay vases, jewelry and more!) from our in-house archaeologists. The evening is dedicated to culinary pleasures. Test your sense of smell as you learn how to identify different flavors in local wines, and then get your culinary inspiration on as you make a classic pasta dish typical of Trapani. After enjoying what you made for dinner, mix and mingle with locals from this little city. We will open the center to the public and host a game, movie, or international night with activities, or bring you to join in a local festival or night out if there happens to be an event going on.


    Meals provided: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner


    *Because we mainly partner with small family businesses with varying schedules, the farm visits cannot always be planned far in advance and are subject to last minute substitutions. We will update and confirm the exact farm visits closer to the date of the trip.

  3. DAY 3

    Start the day with a morning hike to Punta Bianca, or White Point. Walk through the Sicilian countryside and take in the view of the sun, sand and sea. You will make a slow descent and after about 20 min, see the white rocky formations, some ruins and a quiet beach. Take some time to relax and enjoy the picturesque surroundings, and if you like, practice a little Italian over a cool drink and a picnic lunch. We will spend the afternoon in Favara, where you will discover quirky street art and have time to explore new ideas in urban planning at the museum in the Farm Culture Park. If you are leaving at this point, we will drop you off at Canicatti or Agrigento. If you are staying for one more night, head back to the KISS Center at Campobello where you will have the rest of the afternoon and evening free to enjoy the small city. There will be a small festival with stalls and parade of the Madonna in the evening (La Rietina, Festa della Madonna dell’Aiuto). You could also check out the pubs for a night out, or just as easily enjoy a pizza and movie night in the center.

    Meals provided: Breakfast & Lunch

  4. DAY 4

    After breakfast and packing up, we will give you a ride to Canicatti where you can easily find public transport to your next destination.

    Meals provided: Breakfast


    If you are a morning riser, you might be keen to explore the outdoor city market at Campobello on Saturday before our program starts. Wander through the streets full of local fruits and vegetables, meats and cheeses, and cheap clothes and household items and soak in the shopping atmosphere while the day is still fresh and cool.



    Our program is perfect for curious and flexible travelers who want to go beyond the standard tourist attractions and get a better sense of central and southern Sicily through hands-on activities and by interacting with locals.

    To ensure that you have a great experience, we will keep the group size small with only 6 to 14 participants each session. 

  • Accomodation

    We provide a clean bed in a large, airy, gender separated dorms at the KALAT International Summer School (KISS) Center. You will enjoy the use of our brand new rooms and facilities: we have spaces for quiet relaxation, as well as areas for socializing, a bar and snack counter, and a huge game library.

  • Location

    We are located in the small town of Campobello di Licata, in the Province of Agrigento, in Sicily, Italy:

    Progetto Kalat – Via Tevere 10
    Campobello di Licata 92023

    Most flights to Sicily arrive in Catania or Palermo airport, and you can easily take a bus to Argigento, which has a number of famous tourist attractions. Canicatti is the closest big city with public buses going to the rest of Sicily. You can find more information about the bus routes here.



120€ 60€ per person for 3-days and 2-nights

Session 1: 17 to 19 August 2018 (Friday to Sunday)

Session 2: 24 to 26 August 2018 (Friday to Sunday)


or contact us at happening.kalat@gmail.com for more information.


  1. How do I get to the pickup point? And where will I be dropped off?

    We will pick you up in Canicatti at 12:00 noon on the first day, and will give you the exact location closer to the date, but it will likely be at cafe/bar close to the bus station (and we may have another pickup point near the train station). If you are in Catania or Palermo, you should have enough time to take the morning bus to Cannicatti. We can drop you off at Canicatti or Agrigento. Agrigento has many famous attractions, so we encourage you extend your stay to visit the area (the temples are definitely worth checking out if you can!)

  2. What is there to do in Campobello di Licata?

    Campobello is a typical Sicilian town, so if you are interested in the Sicilian atmosphere, this is the right place for you! Interesting places to visit in Campobello are: the Valle della Divina Commedia, the Piazza XX Settembre with the Town Hall & the Main Church, the Parco Antico di Iachinu Filì, the Piazza Aldo Moro, the Piazza Tian An Men, etc. More info here.

  3. Where does my money go?

    Your money will help support our local partners, who are mostly small family businesses in Campobello and the surroundings. The balance of your contribution will go to the upkeep of the center, which includes creating jobs for local staff, as well as funding youth training courses and activities for international exchange.

  4. How can I pay?

    We accept bank transfers to:

    Archeoclub di Campobello di Licata Banca Popolare Siciliano,
    filiale di Campobello di Licata,
    Via Umberto 107/109 Campobello di Licata (AG)
    Bank account IBAN: IT55 -J-05034-82870-000000112646 BIC/SWIFT Code: BAPP-IT-21P16

    We also accept paypal – contact us at happening.kalat@gmail.com for more information.

  5. What is KALAT?

    The KALAT project is a non-profit cultural and educational organization. We aim to launch strategic and sustainable initiatives in the cultural, rural and food and wine tourism sector of Sicily in order to promote traditional resources and the local cultural identity. A key component of our plan is youth education by providing training and mentorship in soft-skills and entrepreneurship. We support local businesses and hope to give locals a more global perspective by organizing events and partnerships that foster international exchange. You can read more about KALAT and the KISS Center here.

  6. What and where is the KISS Center?

    The KISS center was previously a derelict school building in Campobello which has been recently restored to host cultural and educational activities. You can read more about KALAT and the KISS Center here and find out more details about the location and public transport options here.

  7. What’s with all the archeology stuff on the rest of the website?

    KALAT is part of the Archeoclub D’Italia, an archeological society. Previously, KALAT heavily focused on archeological research, excavation and education, and we organized over 20 work and training camps to promote the Sicilian territory since 1994. However, we have recently shifted our focus to education and cultural tourism and have taken on more projects to develop the capacity of local youth, as we feel there is a huge need to inspire and improve the livelihood of the current generation of Sicilians.