Archeoclub - Campobello di Licata


The «Archeoclub d'Italia» is a national cultural association, recognized as a moral institution with D.P.R. Of july 24th 1986 n. 565 and with other two hundred seats throughout Italy. The association's activities consist in spreading among the citizens, and in particular among young people and in the schools, the interest for cultural heritage and environment, through conferences and didactic courses, refresher courses, educational events and interventions in schools, cognitive surveys, scientific research, seminars, conferences, meetings and congress, guided visits, education tours, cultural tourism, exhibitions, cultural and specialist publications, professional operations, establishment of municipal deposits and of any other action covered by social purposes or aiming to this purpose.

The Archeoclub of Campobello di Licata was founded on february 18th 1998, it counts today 15 members, including the vice mayor and the alderman of culture of Campobello di Licata, with over two hundred university students, graduated, technical operators for the archaeological heritage.

The Archeoclub of Campobello di Licata, that has been operating for years in the field of tourism, environment and culture activities, has focused its activity on knowledge, protection and enhancement of the territory's cutural heritage, playing an active role in economic and social development policies of the area. The Kalat's Summer Camps activity allowed the Archeoclub to identify 25 areas of archaeological interest and to realize the "Parco Antico di Iachinu Filì (Antic Park of Iachinu Filì)" through the archaeological and environmental ricovery of an antic Bronze Age necropoli reused during the Byzantin age.